ASUS X550ZA 15.6 Inch Laptop Under 1000

If you want to a powerful CPU and large storage laptop,I suggest you to choose this ASUS X550ZA 15.6 Inch Laptop Under 1000.You can browse the web smoothly and there is absolutely no influence when you are playing game or editing the program.This laptop is designed with large RAM and high quality professor.I think that quiet a few person are very care about the appearance of the laptop,thus,I will highly recommend you to choose this laptop.If you want to know more about the product,  please read this areticle seriously!

ASUS X550ZA 15.6 Inch Laptop Under 1000

Pros and Cons


Strong CPU:Its CPU is designed with a 2.5 GHz A10-7400P processor,which is best for someone who like playing games and browsing the web smoothly.
Large RAM:the memory of the laptop(8GB) is 1TB 5400RPM,it is convenient for to store some pictures, films and important file.
Portable:The laptop is portable and very convenient for you to take it out evrewhere.
Large screen:the laptop is equipped with 15.6 inch screen,it will give you a good look when you are playing games and can alleviate eye fatigue.


-The screen bottom works not very well can not bend inward like other type of laptops.
-Color.the color of this laptop is Dark Grey,while many people prefer bright color,so I suggest you  to choose other color about this laptop.

What current owners say

Laptop Under 500The value of this laptop is pretty worth for the price.In addition to the price,I am very satisfide with the size of this item because I can place it in my bag nicely.I fall in love with it at the first time.By Jason C. Brown

I like the laptop very much because of it’s portable and has low price.I am allowed to play games smoothly and do many work at the same time.besides,it’s color is consistent with my bedroom layout,I am so lucky that I can get it.By Charles G. Calderon

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